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Marked to be the seventh largest city in the Indian state of Gujarat, Junagadh happens to be located on the foot of the Girnar hills in western India. It is blessed with many ancient monuments and eye catching attractions for tourists to admire. Being a famous pilgrimage center as well, Junagadh has seen the evolution of many eminent saints since yester years. Such is the aura and essence of this magnetic destination that people keep flocking to it in every season and occasion, all the year round and from all across the globe.

Places to visit

The literal meaning of Junagadh is ‘old fort’ and the city has quite a few of them worth seeing. In fact, the fort walls surrounding the city are a unique sight altogether.  One reminiscent of a memorable old fort is the Uparkot fort which houses the Jamia masjid, Buddhist caves and the Adi-Kadi Vav. All these are a marvel to watch. The fort expanses on a radius of half a kilometer and makes for a nice choice for a thrilling day spend. The climb on to the holy hill of Girnar is an adventurous excursion trip which can be covered in 5-6 hours by foot and is quite an excitement for sport lovers. The Sakkar Baug zoo and the Gir National park are also highly fun-filled and enjoyable places to visit and explore. Being the only place in the world where wild Asiatic lions are still found, you can experience the golden opportunity of a lifetime to view them here. Among religious sites, you can opt to see the Jatashankar Mahadev mandir, the Swami Narayan temple and the Vagheshwari temple. The Darbar Hall, now the Junagadh museum, the science museum and the wild museum are also some of the very popular tourist destinations in the city worth giving a try on your vacation trip to Junagadh.

How to reach

At a distance of about 37 km from Junagadh is a place called Keshod where the aerodrome for the city is located. Almost all major domestic flights take off from here for Mumbai. By rail, there are regular trains connecting Junagadh with the rest of Gujarat and other parts of India which make the place highly accessible and easy to reach. Junagadh also has a well-laid network of roads which have frequent bus services to different parts of the state of Gujarat. Both private and state owned buses ply on these routes on a regular basis. Being well-knit via all three modes of transportation, Junagadh becomes commutable for people of all classes and strata of society.


Junagadh has a highly potential market for embroidery with gold and silver, perfumes and vessels made of brass and copper. So, as a token or memento from the place, you can pick one of these for keeps.


People who love historical places and enjoy knowing more and learning about them by physically visiting them would love to spend a holiday in Junagadh. So, if you happen to be passionate about it and plan to take a break from your heavy schedules, get packing and logon to for all your itinerary solutions. We are eagerly waiting to shoulder all your travel needs responsibly and compassionately.

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Regarded as one of the most captivating holiday destinations of South India, Mysore depicts a legacy and mythical history which dates back to thousands of years ago. It is nestled at a distance of about 145 km from the capital city of Bangalore in the state of Karnataka. Mysore stands symbolic of panoramic palaces, enchanting gardens, extremely attractive craftsmanship and a glorious festivity mood which mesmerizes every traveler coming to this striking place. Flanked by millions of tourists both from within the country as well as overseas, Mysore can be righteously defined as depicting the true colors of India in every sphere of art, beauty, culture and historical significance. Also summoned as the “City of Palaces,” “The Ivory City,” “The Yoga City” and “The City of Gardens,” Mysore makes for an excellent holiday retreat for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience to be cherished for a lifetime.

Places to visit

Known for its palatial structures, Mysore’s prime tourist attraction is the Mysore Palace which showcases glitz and glamour par excellence. Its intricate carvings and life-size marble figurines are a treat to the eyes. The Jayalakshmivilas mansion, which is now a museum, and the Lalit Mahal Palace, which has been transformed into a five star hotel, reminds you of the opulence and grandeur of yesteryears. Among religious sites, the most renowned and deeply worshipped is the Chamundeshwari temple located at the top of the Chamundi Hills. Even the St. Philomenas Church, which happens to be one of the largest in the country, is worth a visit. Its stained glass windows and lofty towers amaze the onlookers, leaving them dumb-struck. For a perfect, serene and tranquil experience, one can visit the Datta Peetham which is an ashram surrounded by natural beauty and a peaceful atmosphere, just the right place to purify and cleanse your soul. Mysore is highly popular for its fleet of gardens and playgrounds which account for around 180 in number. For an exciting day spend with full family, one can opt to go to the Mysore zoo which happens to be one of the oldest in the world. Its major attractions include a wide variety of flora and fauna and even encompasses the famous Karanji lake which is flocked my millions of migratory birds during the winters. The Happy Man Park located close to the railway station is also a striking hangout destination especially for children which host a mini zoo, a small stream and a wooden bridge as well.

How to reach

Mysore has a domestic air base with regular flights only to the city of Bangalore, while international travelers have to board their flights from Bangalore airport near Devanahalli. Mysore even has regular trains plying to and from Bangalore. Ardent travelers have to find connecting transport systems beyond the city of Bangalore either via a connecting flight or inter-linking train. There are even two local bus stands in Mysore, with well regulated roads, which connect it to the city of Bangalore and beyond.

Shopping attractions

Mysore is particularly world-famous for its beautiful and eye-catching silk-woven sarees, large variety of perfumed incense sticks and majestically engraved sandalwood carvings. Buy these specialties as souvenirs if you ever happen to visit this beautiful Indian city.
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Ernakulam, the commercial capital to the Indian state of Kerala, refers to the eastern region of the twin cities Ernakulam-Kochi, which has now developed into an urban agglomeration, making it the third most popular city of the state. The city is believed to have gotten its name from a very famous temple named the Ernakulathappan temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva. Such is the essence and glory of the place that it is thronged by the maximum number of both Indian as well as international tourists stepping into the state of Kerala. 

Places to visit 

To kick start your excursion trip in Ernakulam on a happy and pious note, the best is to begin with a humble visit to some of its eminent religious destinations like the very popular Ernakulam Shiva temple and the Cheppanam Shiva temple. Ernakulam has some of the most extravagantly built European churches like St. Francis Church and the Santa Cruz Basilica Church which are well known for its interesting paintings. The Jewish Synagogue which is adorned and decorated with exquisitely hand-painted Chinese tiles is also a major tourist attraction here. There are many museums which depict and showcase ancient sculptures, manuscripts, coins and other artifacts from the royal Cochin family and which can be witnessed at the Hill Palace Museum, Museum of Kerala History and M.N.F Gallery of paintings and sculptures. Apart from these historical and religious sites, Ernakulam is primarily known for its stunning backwaters and widespread beaches which are just the right paces to relax and rejuvenate on a leisure holiday trip. The famous Fort Kochi is one such hamlet of the city which possesses striking beaches with golden sands on it, thereby attracting the maximum footage of domestic and international tourists coming to Kerala. The city is also fringed by a fleet of tiny natural islands among which the Willington Island and the Bolgatty Island add to its uniqueness and charm. One can even enjoy a ferry ride to nearby islands and scenic places like Fort Kochi, Varapuzha, Matancherry, Vypeen and others.

How to Reach

The nearest airport to Ernakulam is the Cochin International Airport which is located at a distance of 30 km from the city. It links the place to almost all major cities of India and overseas. The city of Ernakulam is located on NH 47 which links it to various Indian cities with well connected roads and regular buses plying in and around the state of Kerala. Ernakulam also has two rail heads which connect it to all major towns of the state and other corners of the country as well.

Shopping at Ernakulam

If you happen to visit Ernakulam anytime, do not miss out to have your hands on its gorgeous and exclusive silk sarees which are well-known worldwide. You can even shop for gold and silver jewelry with intricate designs on them and ornate temple jewelry which are quite unique here.
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India is a land of diversity and therefore each state has its own specialty.  Located in the state Uttarkhand, this place is considered holy according to every living Hindu. Therefore if you have not visited Haridwar yet then this festive season you must go and have a dip in the holy Ganges in the Ghats of Haridwar. Haridwar Tour Packages are there for first timers to help see the entire city and enjoy.

Haridwar-a general overview

The name “Haridwar” and “Hardwar” geographically mean the same place but their meanings are a tad different. “Hari” means Lord Vishnu and “dwar” means door and thus “Haridwar” means the door leading to lord Vishnu. Similarly “Har” means Lord Shiva and thus “Hardwar” means the gateway to Lord Shiva. In order to journey Kedarnath (Lord Shiva’s) pilgrimage center, ideally one must start from Hardwar. For tourists visiting Haridwar for the first time, Haridwar Tour Packages are provided by many tour companies for the advantage of tourists. Haridwar is famous for its Ghats, Temples and Aartis.

Historical and religious significance

One of the earliest cities of the Hindus, Haridwar is one of the many birthplaces of Indian culture and civilization. It is a kaleidoscope of Indian civilization and has an important place in the hearts of all Indians for holding a religious significance. In India the river Ganges is considered holy by many and it was brought here by King Bhagirath a descendant of King Sagar. It is considered extremely holy to visit Haridwar and people visit here to wash their sins off. People mostly visit Haridwar by using Haridwar Tour Packages offered by companies such as Budget Tour India.

Places to see in Haridwar

The following are the places that needs to be visited in Haridwar after you’ve got time making dips in the Ganges and if you’re visiting via a tour program then consult your Haridwar Tour Packages for the full details and also if required providing a guide for knowing the city and its history in a far more better manner.

Mansa Devi Temple- This temple is dedicated to goddess Mansa Devi who is supposed to fulfill desires or Mansa and is a very popular destination for tourists due to the ropeways. The ropeway offers a beautiful view of Haridwar.

Kankhal- It a heritage site where it is believed Sati immolated herself when her father King Daksha insulted Lord Shiva. Sati kund is another mythological place where it is believed that Sati burned herself.

Bharat Mata Mandir- This multi-storied temple is dedicated to Mother India (Bharat Mata) and was constructed by Indira Gandhi in the year 1983 and each floor of the building houses a different deity.

Patanjali Yogpeeth Trust- Patanjali Yogpeeth is situated in the highway connecting Haridwar and Delhi.

Most of the above tourist spots are included in Haridwar Tour Packages so that first timers do not miss out anything that is worth seeing.

Other places that are worth visiting are-

Pawan Dham, Bhimgoda Tank, Neel Dhara Pakshi Vihar, Shantikunj, Ramanand Ashram are some of the places worth viewing. Thus it can be seen that Haridwar has an intricate history and culture that helps us re-define our roots.

Other opinions regarding time of visit and mode of transport

Summers and monsoon seasons are not ideal for visiting (as summers are too hot and monsoons are not suitable for bathing in Ganges) and that leaves only winter season to visit Haridwar. As far as transport is concerned, trains are the best way for transportation and if you’re travelling by any Haridwar Tour Packages then rest assured you are in safe hands.

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Calcutta (now Kolkata), the capital of West Bengal, is situated near the bank of the river Hooghly. It has a rich history associated with the rule of the Nawabs, the East India Company and the Indian struggle for independence. It has been the birthplace of many spirited freedom fighters. It has been right called the City of Joy by Dominique Lapierre. The Calcutta Tour Packages gives you the taste of the para of the closeness with one’s neighbour which is predominant in the culture of Calcutta. There are various sites to visit in this city which dotted with monuments that give you a glimpse of the history of the city.

When to visit Calcutta?
The best time to t avail the Calcutta Tour Packages is between October and March. During this period it will be possible for the tourists to enjoy the tour in the autumn season. It is also during the month of October that the famous Durga Puja is celebrated. Tourists who visit at this time of the year get a taste of the spirit of fun and frenzy that the city flows in.
Places where the Calcutta Tour Packages can take you
This 300 years old city has various places to leave the traveller awestruck. There the famous Victoria Memorial built in the memory of Queen Victoria by Lord Curzon. This huge marble structure stores important relics that belonged to the days of the British Raj. Then there is also famous 450 meter long Howrah Bridge which built without any pylon. It is considered the busiest of bridges in the world. This bridge was constructed during the early years of the 20th century. There is the Eden Garden which the where the social elites gather. For the religious soul there is Kalighat, the temple dedicated to the Goddess Shakti, Kali. There is a circular single storied structure, the Birla Planetarium. This is an imitation of the Sanchi Stupa. Apart from these the other places to visit are the Marble Palace, Dalhousie Square and the Indian Museum.
The Calcutta Tour Packages also takes you to the country side of Calcutta
You can stay in Calcutta and enjoy your trip. The Calcutta Tour Packages also has facilities to take you to the outskirts of Calcutta which have equally interesting places that still draw thousands of visitors every year. There is Shantiniketan which famously known as Tagore’s university township. This place has the culture and the touch of Tagore at every corner. It is also considered to be a place to relax and cure chronic diseases. Belur Math is a pilgrimage for the followers of Ramakrishna. It is also the headquarters if The Ramakrishna Mission. The Dakshineshwar Temple, another famous temple dedicated to Goddess Kali, was once the dwelling of Ramakrishna. There is the Botanical Garden which covers about 110 hectares of area. Here you can see a Banyan tree that has lived for 250 years. The main location where the famous Balucheri saree is made is Bishnupur. This place is dotted with historical structures that show the talented works of the artisans of old India.
Other attractions of the city
The Calcutta Tour Packages brings you to a city where there is no dearth of markets. It is sometimes also called the shopper’s paradise. Though the city might be a little crowded and dusty, it still holds its charm in the whiff of history. There is the Calcutta Book Fair which is held towards the end of January and continues till February. Calcutta can be reached easily by trains, airways and by road. It is a well connected city and a tour round this city gives a memory to cherish for the rest of your life.

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Goa, the smallest state in India, is situated in the region of Konkan which is in the western part of India. It has the state of Karnataka towards its east and south, Maharashtra in the north and the Arabian Sea towards the west. The river bank of Kushavati which is in Usgalimal is full of the engravings of the Paleolithic age. The Delhi Sultanate had brought Goa under its governance in the year 1312. The influence of the Portuguese rulers is evident in the culture and the architecture of the region. Budget Tour To India brings you the lovely and reasonable Goa Tour Packages to take to around this lovely state in India.

Best time to avail the Goa Tour Packages
The best time to visit Goa is between the months of October and April. The peak time when Goa welcomes visitors is from middle of December to middle of January. There is the Carnival festival which is celebrated from sometime towards the end of February till the first week of March. This is also the time when visitors can enjoy being in Goa.
How to reach Goa?
The international airport in Goa is in Dabolim which is about 30kms away from Panaji, the capital. Domestic flights from Dabolim connect major cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore and Kochi. Vasco da Gama and Margao or Madgaon are the main railway stations of Goa. Trains from major places like Mumbai, Bnagalore, Rajkot, Delhi and Thiruvananthapuram connect can take you to Goa. There s the Londa junction where passengers from northern, eastern and southern India can change and take trains to Madgaon or Vasco da Gama. Apart from these modes of transport the Goa Tour Packages can also take the adventurous soul to Goa on road. Places like Pune, Mangalore, Bangalore, Mysore and Mumbai are connected with Goa by bus services. The buses are air-conditioned and the travel is not hectic at all.
Places where the Goa Tour Packages takes you
There is the Old Goa towards the eastern side of the state where you can see the influence if the Portuguese rulers. Here you can see the Basilica of Bom Jesus which is a magnificent edifice built in the 16th century. This has been termed one of the World Heritage Monuments. Then there is the Se Cathedral which has five bells one of which is the well known Golden Bell. There are several others churches like the Nunnery of Santa Monica, Church of St. Francis, Viceroy’s Arch, Church of St. Alex and Church of St. Ana and many others. There are also many temples in Goa like the Sree Bhagavati Temle, Brahma Temple, Sree Chndranath, Mahadev Temple, Shree Maha;axmi, Sree Mahalsa and many others. Aprt from churches and temples and even mosques the Goa Tour Packages also give you the fun of enjoy time at the beaches in Goa. The most popular of the beaches in the northern part of Goa is the Calangute Beach. Then is the Baga Beach which is quite close to Calangute. Other beaches in this part are Vagator, Anjuna, Sinquerim and many others. There are also beaches in the southern part of Goa. There are the Arvalem Caves not far away from the Rudreshwar Temple. Goa is also a place where spice plantations can be seen. The Goa Tour Packages takes you to the tropical spice plantation in Keri in Goa, the Pascola spice village which is near to the Mandovi River and also the rustic plantation which is in the north-eastern region of Goa. In the Sai Herbarium you can get aromatic and medicinal plants.

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Kerala has been voted as one of the ten heavens on earth. Kerala has the Arabian Sea to its west and the Western Ghats to its east. Its also has a network of 44 rivers flowing through it. There are various factors that make Kerala a most sought after place by tourists. There are the stretches of emerald backwaters and serene beaches, the waterfalls, paddy fields and sprawling plantations, exotic wildlife and the lush hill stations to relax. The Kerala Tour Packages provided by Budget Tour To India provides you the utmost joy of travelling across one of the loveliest of coastal regions on earth.

When to visit Kerala?
Budget Tour To India is here to provide you information about the best time to visit Kerala. Time between the months of August and March is suitable for a trip to explore Kerala. The Kerala Tour Packages can also arrange a trip for you to Kerala between April and August which a suitable time for the Ayurvedic treatments available there. Monsoon is the best period for the Ayurvedic treatments as the atmosphere becomes dust free and cool and this allows the body pores to open.

How to reach the place?
There are three airports in Kerala. They are at Kochi, Thiruvnanthapuram and Kozhikode. The one at Kozhicode allows domestic flights from various cities while the other two airports function for both domestic and international flights. Places like Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are well connected with Kerala on roadways. A network of metalled roads and the National Highway numbers 17, 47 and 49 connect Kerala to other major cities of the country. Railway services connect Kerala to other major countries apart from the metropolitan cities of Mumbai, Chennai, New Delhi and Kolkata.

Places in Kerala where the Kerala Tour Packages takes you
There is the largest and wonderfully preserved fort in Kerala known as the Bekal Fort. It is has its beautiful beach, rivers and hills to attract tourists. The beach is illuminated and Tree houses are provided for the tourists as resting places. The entire beach is provided with bamboo waste bins as an effort to keep the beach clean. There is also the Fort Kochi to visit. Turning left from the K. J. Herschel Road there is the Fort Immanuel. At every corner of Kerala history has left its mark. The lovely Kovalam beach is towards of south of Kerala, 16kms away from Thiruvnanthapuram. The joy of swimming, sunbathing, herbal toning messages and catamaran cruising can be enjoyed here. This place also has centres for Ayurvedic messages and Yoga. The Kerala Tour Packages makes arrangements for you stay at one of the budget cottages that are available there. At the centre of Kerala there is Kumarakom which a cluster of islands forming a village. You get to see a wide variety of migratory birds like the cuckoo, herons, egrets, teals, darters, waterfowls, wild duck and the Siberian Stork. The backwaters provide tourist the fun of fishing and boating.

Some extra travel tips to enjoy the Kerala Tour Packages
There is no limit put on the amount of foreign currency that a traveller can carry. The nationalised banks are open for transaction from 10 am to 2 pm on weekdays and from 10 am to 12 noon on Saturdays. Cotton dresses, sun screen lotions and hats are some of the things that travellers must carry to enjoy the trip. Credit card payments are accepted in most of the restaurants, hotels, shopping malls and centres. The Kerala Tour Packages cautions you against nudity as it is not allowed n any of the Kerala beaches.

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